Design, UX, Wireframing. From concept to consumption, my designs helped redefine the dealership.

"My work brings companies and people together, creating new, refreshing ideas for the modern world. I design with purpose and meaning, and I have tons of fun along the way."

James McIntyre, Founder

[  no, that's not me, but we look the same, I promise.  ]


I grew up loving cars. I've driven more than I can count, and I have owned more than I'd like to admit. My love for everything automotive gives me a natural knack for automotive web design. I have been on the side of the consumer and I know both what they like and need to see. Automotive centric design is my passion.

User Experience

User experience is important. If your audience doesn't know how to use your website, they will go elsewhere and never look back. If you couple proper UX practices with stunning design, visitors to your website will become entranced, share it, and keep coming back. I am uniquely experienced to provide the full spectrum. Wow your customers. Let's work together.


I started my career as a web designer. Even though I don’t consider myself a true developer, my coding knowledge gives me the ability to create something truly special. Don't settle for a good looking, but poorly functional website, get the best of both worlds.


High octane client with a specific design language

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Flat design for a new era of car sales

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A strong website for stronger cars.

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Sporty yet elegant design for Jaguar

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Do it all design for a do it all dealership

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